Winter Wonderland Experience of Tahoe

As I am coming to a close on my first winter living in the Tahoe Basin I feel the need to reflect on all that it has been and continues to be..

My first winter living in the snow I must say has been a huge success on multiple levels, one of the best snow years Tahoe has had to offer with most resorts getting over 500” (yes, you read that correctly 500+”), meeting new people, riding more than I have in my entire life as well as getting to reconnect with and ride with some good friends that I hadn’t spent much time with over the past years.

I never thought myself to be a snow snob by any means, but as it has been brought up and I think about it more, I must agree that I am. Living in the snow and having so many world renowned resorts within 30 miles it is a blessing to have so many on-mountain days. I never really considered this, but as I come to think about it the more and more I have to agree; the decision to ride/ski everyday becomes a choice and all of us living here in the greater Tahoe region can choose to ride/ski everyday we get pickier as it pertains to weather and snow conditions. I have had so many wonderful days on the mountain this year, but then there are days that I must consider what the conditions and visibility might be like, and decide if this something I really want to do.

On the other side of this choice is knowing that I can ride nearly everyday, so if not today, I certainly can tomorrow and the next day.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything about the snow living lifestyle is as awesome as we make it sound. There are plenty of days where shoveling the driveway and getting your car out of the snow, chain requirements and terrible road conditions make it seem like a burden. Not only do road conditions come into condition but the amount of people that travel to Tahoe to experience this amazing winter wonderland, many of them do not have experience driving in adverse conditions, which only adds to the mayhem that can exist on the roads and highways. This is one of those situations in which you must weigh your options and what you are really looking for and are willing to deal with to enjoy all of the greatness a winter wonderland place has to offer.

**Please check road conditions and drive safely when traveling during the winter time.

While the cold and snowy lifestyle might not be a calling to all it certainly seems to draw a number of people from around the Country and the World to see what it is all about. One of the greatest benefits from living and working in a winter season town is the amount of people you get to meet from all different walks of life, backgrounds and from many different regions/cultures from around the world. A very unique experience if you enjoy meeting people or just engaging with people from different cultures and backgrounds; also a great place to improve foreign language skills. Plus it comes with amazing benefits in such scenic places it is tough to believe that more people do not want to give it a go. Most resorts offer free season passes to employees which is a great way to be able to ride/ski often, explore new mountains and get plenty of time skiing/riding each season.

Granted most jobs around winter towns are seasonal, so do not expect to show up and have regular hours throughout the year. On the flip side it is certainly an awesome way to spend a season.

While I have heard many people being discourage from a winter like the one we have had (in terms of how much snow), I am so delighted to have been able to experience it and all the amazing powder days that come with it. Not only enjoying the amount of snow and great riding conditions this winter I am excited for the spring time knowing that with all the snow the spring/summer water sports are going to be wonderful as well. In the end, the amount of snow we have had this year should provide plenty of water throughout California, Hopefully alleviating some of the drought conditions(you all should still be water conscientious).

And here we are at the tail end of May and still getting snow, almost on a regular basis, spring/summer might arrive here at some point.

If you enjoy skiing/snowboarding I would highly recommend trying out a winter in the Tahoe region, whether with a Vail Resorts company or not, certainly worth the experience in my book.

What are your thoughts/comments on living in a winter wonderland?

Royal Gorge Rafting Trip

On 4th of July morning, I woke up early to watch the sunrise with a couple of friends which was great, but that was only the beginning. We then went over to Royal Gorge Rafting and had an awesome time rafting the Arkansas River with a guide named Quinn. He was very enthusiastic and knew the river well. The river is a little low this year due to little snow and below average rain fall. None the less, just because the rapids were not as strong as they should have been, the view is absolutely amazing going through a narrow canyon while the train goes by rock throwing distance away. A lot of history through the site and great people that work for the Royal Gorge Rafting Co.

I would highly recommend this rafting trip for anyone that has some spare time and find themselves around the Canon City/Royal Gorge area.


Traveling Six States in Less Than a Day

I left on the road the other morning from Tennessee in route to Colorado, took a smooth 18 hours of drive time and took us through six different states. Not going to lie, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas did not have all that much terrain to enjoy on the drive. However New Mexico was a lovely scenic drive as well as Colorado. My favorite would have to be New Mexico though. Long distances in the vehicle can often times be difficult, even when traveling with friends. That is why scenic drives help out to ease the mind of thinking about time and distance left to Travel. All for now just thought I would share my opinion.