I would like to proudly announce the creation of Zoeyography. Specializing in landscape, travel, food and animal photography. I will be selling the following prints traditional of all different sizes, metal (flat and curved) as well as framed prints and prints  with hand-made frames. If you have any special requests I will do my best to accommodate.

Here is a brief background & information of my story..

Currently living in the greater Lake Tahoe area, enjoying the mountain life-style and the beautiful outdoors that I am calling home, for now. Looking forward to capturing the Lake Tahoe area and surrounding areas with some winter time photography, capturing the snow-filled mountains and amazing sunrises & sunsets around the historical and scenic Lake Tahoe.

I have recently finished an amazing traveling opportunity that allowed me to explore the greater Western United States for nearly the past 6 months, including the following states; Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. This excursion was broken down into a number of smaller trips and allowed me to visit a number of the National Parks & Forests that were all amazing and beautiful in their own way.

Previous to traveling I worked as a retail manager in the Sacramento area. I decided, that as the opportunity had arisen, I needed to go and explore the United States. I have had a passion for the outdoors since I was a kid, there is just something about being in mother nature that allows you to forget everything else and truly live in the moment. The pure satisfaction of being outdoors hiking, snowboarding, fishing, backpacking, camping, etc is an adrenaline rush matched to no other.

There is something incredibly fascinating about the National Parks, Forests and all the beautiful areas the USA has to offer. I have read about and briefly explored some of these wonderful areas throughout my childhood and college years, however I finally dove in and really got to see what they were all about these past 6 months. I know one thing for sure, I will continue to go and explore the great outdoors at every given opportunity that I have in order to appreciate their breathtaking beauty (as if I do not enough already), as well as to be able to continue to bring the great outdoors to all of you through my photography.

Pictured is my beloved four-legged fur daughter Zoey, in which the business was named after. She has traveled with me all over, and enjoys the outdoors, traveling and FOOD as much as I do. Zoey is a 6 year old pitbull mix that I rescued when she was just 6 months old. We have a strong bond, holding true to the age old statement of dog, a man's best friend!

** All photos that I currently have posted on my website are raw pictures without any editing at all. Mother Nature as its own true beauty.

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